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toki pona

Toki Pona is an incredible experience. Nothing I can say here would compare to the level of passion and effort put forth by the entire community, but allow me to say: toki pona li pona tawa mi. toki pona li pona tawa sina.

Even in the simplest case, Toki Pona presents a fascinating thought exercise: how can you communicate with only 138 unique words in your vocabulary? You have to answer the question one of two ways: what is this object? or, what does this object mean to myself and the person I’m speaking to? Toki Pona encourages you to simplify, and invite context in for a drink.

You can start learning the vocab with jan Sonja’s memrise course, go to the official website for some resources and discussion, or check out a ton of fascinating tools the community has created.

Join me on ma pona pi toki pona on Discord, start reading on Wikipesija, or enjoy jan Misali and friends' incredible kulupu jan tenpo.